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Wine and Dine Tours in Bulgaria

Wine tasting in LjaskovetsBulgaria is among the countries that have the oldest traditions in wine-making. Archaeological finds confirm that even 5000 years before there was a well-developed wine industry on the Balkan Peninsula. At that time the Thracian tribes laid the foundation of the wine-growing traditions in the region – their vines are the source of today’s national pride.

Wine-growing regions

Bulgaria is subdivided into five wine-growing regions, which produce a rich diversity of grape varieties and high-quality wines.

  • Danube Valley

  • Black Sea

  • Rose Valley

  • Thracian Valley

  • Struma Valley

Delicious Bulgarian grapeTypical Bulgarian grape varieties

The red grape variety Mavrud is the oldest and most valuable local grape variety. It is cultivated in the regions of Assenovgrad, Pazardzhik and Stara Zagora. The wine has a dark, ruby-red color, and is characterized by a complex aroma of wild berries, spices and herbs, as well as by a full-bodied and harmonious taste.

The “Wide Melnik Vine” can be found in the micro-region of Melnik, as well as in the regions of Sandanski and Petrich. The young wines have a strong cherry color and are distinguished for their typical piquant tartness. The mature wines are characterized by rich aroma, in which one can notice interesting tobacco and leather nuances. The taste is fresh with a mild tartness.

Already grown by the Thracians, Pamid was the most widely spread grape variety in the past. From it are produced bright red, light table wines for mass consumption. They are unsuitable for storage and are consumed as young wines immediately after fermentation and clarification.

Other typical Bulgarian wines are: Gamza, Red Misket, Dimjat, Rubin and Kerazuda.

If you are wine experts or just wine lovers and want to taste something new and made in Bulgaria, we will gladly propose you a program according to your wishes.


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